Unisys Clients - The California State University

Improving the student campus experience throughout the largest US four-year public university

The Business Challenge

Enhance the student learning process and accelerate their success beyond academic experience.

The Solution

Unisys Infrastructure Transformation and Advanced Analytics services, including a secure, analytics-driven hybrid cloud to manage the university’s Common Management System; solution includes deployment of a private cloud, backup and disaster recovery services.

Results and Benefits

  • Accelerated the ability to quickly and efficiently process critical administrative services, including student scheduling and registration to human resources and employee compensation, for 479,000+ students and 50,800+ faculty and staff across 23 campuses and the Chancellor’s office
  • Empowered students through secure, digital personalization by better integrating mobility, social media, and digital analytics
  • Achieved a more financially sustainable infrastructure with lower cost of ownership through simplified support requirements


The Unisys solution creates a secure, analytics-driven cloud environment to integrate our information resources to develop and deliver more innovative educational and administrative services across all 23 campuses quickly and cost-efficiently.”

Steve Relyea

Executive Vice Chancellor and
Chief Financial Officer, CSU

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