Unisys Clients - BKR

Registering loans and conducting credit checks at lowest cost with highest security for millions of people

The Business Challenge

Provide efficient, secure loan registration and credit checks for all banks in the Netherlands.

The Solution

ClearPath Forward Libra Systems, AB Suite for agile development of the bureau’s financial core credit registration application, and EMC storage solutions.

Results and Benefits

  • Doubled the number of credit checks for all banks in the Netherlands with no performance issues
  • Broadened portfolio supported by agile development to release new features faster
  • Added millions of credit registration for finance companies, private lease organizations and mobile phone to extend their services


The ClearPath Forward platform has enabled our business to grow over the past 20+ years without a single security breach. With the addition of AB Suite for application development, we have added agility to quickly bring new services to all banks across the Netherlands. That translates to 200% growth in registrations enabled by a highly secure, agile and reliable platform.”

Erik van de Poel, CIO

Stichting Bureau Krediet Registratie