Unisys Clients - Turkish Airlines

Providing positive traveller check-in experience and enabling business growth

The Business Challenge

Meet the needs of airline passengers with a consistently positive check-in experience and support business growth by modernizing the airport check-in platform.

The Solution

Unisys’ Check-In Assistant (CKA) software which provides a common Windows-based interface to multiple airlines’ systems, deployed on Common Used Terminal Equipment (CUTE) in over 60 airports across the world, including some of the largest such as Dubai, Istanbul, Nigeria.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved speed of passenger check-in by ~20%
  • Reduced cost of rolling out check-in service in new airports by ~20%


The feedback we’ve received from airport station managers and their staff has been very positive. The check-in staff have the ability to quickly access all the features and functions they need to efficiently serve our customers. Our partnership with Unisys has been very successful and their project team has understood our needs and delivered a solution that integrates with our existing infrastructure with minimal impact to our airport staff.”

Kerem Kızıltunç

SVP Corporate Development and IT
Turkish Airlines