​ITSM "enABLES" the Cloud

ITIL’s insistence that IT services be aligned to the needs of the business must be your mantra



http://assets.unisys.com/PublishingImages/Global/eBooks/EB_20130719_ITSMenABLEStheCloud.jpgUnisys eBook - ITSM enABLES the Cloud



http://assets.unisys.com/PublishingImages/Global/eBooks/EB_ThumbImage.jpgUnisys eBook - ITSM enABLES the Cloud

​The trick with security is to design it in from the beginning. Key questions follow. Remember, your convenient cheat sheet is as close as your copy of ITIL v3.

  • How do I balance cost, speed and flexibility with security?
  • How can we handle data privacy?
  • Is there really a way to integrate systems, processes and our cloud operations securely?