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Technology Support Services

Proactive maintenance and support from a reliable global provider



Technology Support Services



Technology Support Services









Unisys Technology Support Services (TSS) are a flexible suite of extended maintenance and premium support offerings with global single-source coverage of mission critical enterprise IT environments. TSS are designed to:

  • proactively reduce the risks of costly downtime;
  • ease resource and skills constraints; 
  • simplify management; 
  • optimize system performance; and 
  • improve productivity, security, compliance and return on IT investment.

TSS cover all products that Unisys sells, including ClearPath and ES servers, operating system software, application software, storage, peripherals, networking, and third party equipment. TSS also offers coverage of your entire multi-vendor environment, including hardware from IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, and many other manufacturers.

Unlike most other enterprise IT product support service providers that can only offer regional coverage and are typically focused on fixes, Unisys offers you preventive 24x7x365 global support coverage.

​"The key reasons we chose Unisys are the high scalability and availability of the messaging platform and the potential it gives us to create and deliver innovative, revenue-generating services to serve subscribers more effectively."

— Christoph Bladoschewski, E-Plus Department Manager Voice & Services

Our Portfolio

Unisys offers a customized solution that fits your unique set of requirements and budget. Wherever you are in the lifecycle of Unisys solutions – production, upgrading, implementing, planning – we can help you improve system availability, cut costs, and maximize the value of your IT investment.

We help you address the following areas:

  • Product warranty upgrades
  • Extended maintenance coverage
  • Faster diagnosis and fixes of problems
  • Commitment to repair within hours
  • Dedicated support advocate 
  • Remote system health checks
  • Reduction in total support cost 
  • Simplification of the support process and/or single-source coverage of your multi-vendor IT environment

Extended Hardware Maintenance

Our comprehensive hardware maintenance and warranty services are designed to protect your enterprise IT environment up to 24x7x365 during both in-warranty and post-warranty periods. Whether you want to upgrade your service for in-warranty machines or extend your post-warranty maintenance coverage, we offer over 10,000 experienced field support technicians worldwide, a global parts network, and flexible service level options:

  • 9x5 with Next Business Day Response
  • 24x7x365 access to e-Service Portal 
  • 24x7x365 Open Service Request via Internet or toll-free to Call Reception Center
  • 9x5 access to Support Analysts
  • Configuration assistance 
  • Unisys product and third party support 
  • 9x5 with Four-Hour Response 
  • Same as above but with four-hour response
  • 24x7 with Four-Hour Response
  • Same as above but 24x7x365 
  • 24x7 with Two-Hour Response 
  • Same as above but with two-hour response
  • 24x7 with 4, 6, or 8 hour Repair Commitment 
  • You can select a repair time commitment on any of your Unisys-maintained products
  • The ultimate hardware maintenance offering, enabling more effective IT resource planning, and more predictable and consistent recovery times

Extended Software Maintenance

Operating system and application software problems can burden your IT staff and increase the risks of costly system downtime. Take advantage of Unisys’s proven expertise on a broad range of software products to help your organization rapidly resolve software-related issues and stay running effectively and efficiently. Unisys offers solutions such as remote assistance via the telephone or Internet 24x7, as well as onsite support for Unisys and non-Unisys software, and flexible service level options:

  • 9x5 Same-Day Response
  • 24x7 with One Hour Response
  • 24x7 with Two Hour Response

Support Account Manager

Today’s increasingly complex mission critical enterprise IT environments demand maximum uptime. To help meet this demand, Unisys offers you a premium consulting option called Support Account Manager (SAM). SAM provides you with the following:

  • A highly-skilled expert who becomes your personalized advocate within Unisys.
  • A primary point of accountability for all Unisys hardware and software maintenance and support issues. 
  • Pro-actively identifies and addresses potential problems before they occur.

The result of this seamless execution and preventive support reduction of risks to your enterprise-wide system availability. That increased uptime can drive other significant benefits such as increased productivity, cost-savings, innovation, and a competitive edge.

On-Site Support Specialist

This is for our customers who value the regular proactive presence of a Unisys hardware engineer.

Remote Systems Health Check

This premium support service is a semi-annual check on the operational well-being of your enterprise IT infrastructure. It optimizes system operations and performance, improves security protection, and is particularly valuable for very remote locations.

Support Consulting

We can provide you with a flexible support consulting service across the entire spectrum of enterprise IT environments related to:

  • product usage;
  • administrative tasks and operational tasks such as software update management;
  • configuration analysis; and 
  • tuning your operating system, networking, and storage subsystems.

Enterprise Multi-Vendor Support

Most organizations receive support from several support providers. This disjointed approach can be overly complex, time-consuming, and cost-inefficient. Our Enterprise Multi-Vendor Support (EMVS) solution offers single point-of-accountability, so you don’t have to waste time coordinating support services.

Unisys EMVS covers IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, and many other hardware manufacturers. By consolidating and simplifying with the Unisys EMVS solution, our customers have experienced a total average annual support cost savings of over 20%.