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​SymantecTM: Unisys s-ParTM​ Security Assessment Unisys s-Par Security Assessment Unisys s-Par Security Assessment










Symantec worked with Unisys to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of the Unisys s-ParTM secure partitioning virtualization platform. This document serves to provide an overview of the assessment and current security posture of the s-ParTM secure partitioning environment. The security features implemented within the s-ParTM operating environments allow customers to deploy operating systems and applications with confidence in their security. The s-ParTM security architecture supports all of the necessary security capabilities, error containment, performance, and predictability to mitigate the risk of attacks directed from guest partitions to other guests, from guest partitions to service partitions, and against the Trusted Computer Base and all hardware based controls. Additionally, Unisys provides recommendations to customers to help them deploy virtual operating systems in a secure manner and understand the potential impacts of platforms that have been deployed insecurely.​