ClearPath Future Matters

EMEA ClearPath Briefing 2017:

Tuesday 26 September, UK

In 2017, our ClearPath Briefing event will be held at the Silverstone Grand Prix Racing Circuit in the UK on 26th September. Since our visit in 2011, the race venue has undergone many developments, including the completion of the Silverstone Wing – a purpose built venue for conferences where we will hold our event.

This one day event is designed to provide our clients the standard technology updates and includes a strong focus on customer presentations which allow them to share their experiences of recent modernisation projects.

Unisys speakers and our key partners will bring the latest news about the products and services our clients depend on to support your ClearPath applications.

Topics will include:

  • Accelerating the availability of ClearPath data in SQL databases providing near real-time information for mobile and internet based applications
  • Modernising and/or simplifying the integration of ClearPath and non-ClearPath based applications
  • Moving to contemporary Intel based infrastructures or ‘software only’ distributions to provide greater flexibility in Development/Test and Production environments​

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