Computer Field Technicians - laptop/desktop and Apple Mac hardware specialists are constantly sought after skills in Victoria, Sydney, Regional NSW, ACT, Brisbane and Regional QLD/Gold Coast. This is what our contractors have to say about working as a Computer Field Technician at Unisys:

I enjoy the freedom of controlling my work day and varied travelling."

"You learn new things everyday, interaction with people on all levels."

"Not being in an office all day and going to different locations."
(Regional NSW)

"I enjoy being able to plan my day once i have spoken to my customers and meet my deadlines, also the ability to make quite a substantial amount of money when conditions align."

"Meeting people, representing international IT vendors."
(Regional NSW)

"Flexibility of working hours."

"Every Day begins with a challenge, and by the end of the day the satisfaction i get is more rewarding than anything."

"Variety, autonomy, comparatively well remunerated."

"Being able to troubleshoot and explain the process of solving the problem before replacing parts is what I enjoy most in this role as a Field Technician at Unisys."

"Good team environment and support from higher management, flexibility and good earning potential with hard work."

"Not being stuck in an office and being able to finish early afternoon most days."

"The Flexibility of the role."

"Always learning new things. The role is really dynamic."

"Satisfaction gained from successfully completing work. Interaction with satisfied customers."
(Regional NSW)

"Allows me a better work/life balance."

"Working in the field, not tied to an office all day."

"I enjoy the flexibility I also feel like I'm running my own business as long as I perform my job properly I don't get chased up on, by my manager. Another thing I like about my job is I'm gaining experience and learning new things every day and I'm also learning about customer service on a daily basis. Working with Unisys is dream come true."

"I'm out and about, meeting people, the work at the moment is keeping me on my toes."
(Gold Coast, QLD)

"The diversity of computer systems and the challenge of customer service is what I enjoy most about my job at Unisys."

"The job itself is great, I really enjoy the work. Before joining Unisys I had taken an extended break from tech work and it was a good opportunity to get back into it and re-establish my skills."
(Regional QLD)

"The flexibility of the role appealed, When I first arrived in Australia, I needed some time to settle in, and this role allowed me to do that...I learned a lot, and was able to spread out the load over a given day. I was doing Apple and Dell warranty repairs - Dell in the City and Apple in the metro areas - usually schools - from Caboolture to Redbank Plain. The Flexibility and the role itself is excellent, really enjoyed it, allowed me to get myself sorted, worked for Unisys for 3 years..."
(Regional QLD)

What our other Contractors think about working at Unisys (currently working for Unisys across various business units):

"I have been employed with Unisys since October 2011 and found the whole on-boarding process very efficient. Unisys provides a challenging work environment and in my case requires me to utilize skills from a varying range of past employment experiences. My co-workers are in the tops of their field and many of them are happy to mentor more junior staff. Leadership is solid and good work is recognized and rewarded. Unisys also provides for flexible work/life balance with a great social culture. I am very satisfied with my decision to join and grow with Unisys."
(Project Administrator, ACT)

"Unisys has always been professional and handled myself and other staff properly"
(Field Services Engineer, Regional QLD)

"The good thing about working for Unisys is that everyone is lovely to work with and friendly. My experience with Unisys has been great. I have worked as a contractor now for just over 1 year however previously worked for Unisys for almost 7 years. I've made a lot of friends not only in the last year but in all my time with Unisys."
(Service Coordination Specialist, NSW)

"The team is really good. Unisys as a whole works on a very solid foundation. Lots of people to back you up if you have a problem - good thing about Unisys."
(Field Services Engineer, Brisbane)

"The people I work with are great. They made me feel welcome from the first day I started."
(Gateway Architect, ACT)

"I have met many people in different ranks and uniform colours (Defence client) and always been treated with respect and an honest smile."
(Desktop Refresh Engineer, VIC)

"Would recommend taking a job with Unisys...working with Unisys has been a pretty good experience...the work has been enjoyable."
(Desktop Refresh Engineer, ACT)

"Over the time spent at Unisys, has worked on different projects - started on Defence for 6mths - got a really good grounding on how the environment works there....then spent 3 months in Randwick on some project work and backfill, and then did a stint working at Microsoft. That's up there with one of the best opportunities - I got exposure to a variety of issues. Microsoft is a known name and looks good on the resume. Saw some very cool things, and met some very cool people. During my time with Unisys, I lived in Brisbane for 3 months as well. Loved every minute of it."
(Desktop Engineer, NSW)

"Working with the recruitment team, they were very helpful and meeting all of the Unisys staff."
(Temp Executive Assistant, NSW)

"Working for a company for almost thirty years speaks for itself - of mutual respect and understanding to live with and grow through the years...after regular tenure for many years in field services, both in technical field and staff functions, naturally Unisys is the first choice to contract with. I personally feel happy to be a part of that relationship to make my mark in IT service delivery....that speaks of how I regard Unisys as a company and employer."
(Service Coordination Specialist, VIC)

"It's been very nice journey so far at Unisys. I am very pleased to work with Unisys as this opportunity has provided me with vast experience to work as a Service Desk Analyst which is a stepping stone for me as an IT professional. It improved my communication skills and pressure handling skills in the busy environment which will help me in future for sure. It feels like I have been working at Unisys for a long time because of my supportive co-workers."
(Service Desk Analyst, Brisbane)​

"I found that both during the recruitment process and afterwards, everyone was really nice and kept in contact making sure there were no problems. Although I have never actually met most of the people I am dealing with except over the phone/email, they really make me feel like one of the team. And I know I can approach any of them anytime if I get stuck with something. And I'm not just saying this, I really feel at home." 
(Field Service Engineer, Regional QLD)

"Great working environment with Plenty of Opportunities to expand my skills and abilities."
(Service Coordination Specialist, VIC)​​​​​​​​​​​​​