At Unisys we understand contractors have individual drivers and requirements for their careers. That is why we have established the Unisys Contractor Recruitment Centre to serve your needs.

Unisys continues to grow and strengthen our presence in major government and private sector engagements in providing expertise and services in 6 major areas: Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Appliance Offerings, consumerisation of IT, social computing and Smart Computing.

Through the Contractor Recruitment Centre, we are able to offer world class projects with a range of clients. We have a number of contract opportunities available nationally, search and see if there is one that’s right for you. Alternatively you can simply register on our database and become part of the Unisys Contractor community.

Candidate Alert:
Unisys is aware of an organisation called “Unisys Analytics” that may appear to be recruiting on behalf of Unisys and may ask candidates for their bank details as part of a purported job offer process. Unisys is in no way associated with Unisys Analytics. Unisys conducts a thorough recruitment process that involves multiple interviews by phone and in person. Our recruitment process is managed by our HR Department and we do not ask for candidates’ daily withdrawal limit (however, if your application is successful, as a step in our recruitment process we do ask candidates to nominate a bank account for salary payment purposes). If you are suspicious or have any queries (regardless of your location) please email: Please ensure that you include your contact name and details in your email in case we require further information from you.

Search the opportunities available or simply apply now.​​