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19-JUL-2017 Unisys Federal Executives Jennifer Napper and Susan Becker Elected to Leadership Roles with Prominent Government/Industry Groups

17-JUL-2017 Unisys Wins Three ICMG Awards in Recognition of Innovative Predictive Freight Solution and Vertical Industry Leadership​​​​​​​​​

13-JUL-2017 ​ Unisys Launches Digital Government Accelerators Solution Set to Speed Up Transition to Digital Government

06-JUL-2017 McAfee Validates Unmatched Security of Unisys ClearPath®​ OS 2200 Software​​​

05-JUL-2017 Unisys Stealth® Receives Frost & Sullivan's 2017 Customer Value Leadership Award for Encrypted Network Security Solutions

05-JUL-2017 ​New Zealand Transport Agency Teams with Unisys to Deliver Agile Motor Vehicle and Registry Services

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