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For the past few years, employees have been at the heart of the mobility revolution, blending personal, and business technology to make themselves more productive. Now, increasingly we see enterprises embracing mobility as a core part of their business and IT strategies to drive revenue, enhance customer engagement, and be more competitive. However, some are more successful than others in taking advantage of the opportunities mobility creates. For the fourth consecutive year, Unisys commissioned a global study to chart the growth of mobile technology within enterprises and explore the business advantages it creates. This year the research conducted on our behalf by IDG Research Services reveals a new class of Mobility Trendsetters that benefit measurably from mature planning and execution of mobility programs. Who are these Mobile Trendsetters and what are they doing to get ahead and stay ahead? What can your organization learn from them about strategy, policy and governance to avoid falling into the Mobile Void? What business benefits do these Trendsetters achieve through a mature approach to mobility?

Download the Research Report: From Mobile Void To Mobile Enterprise. Keeping Up With Mobility Trendsetters. Versions are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

Key Highlights

This year’s study is based on insights gleaned from more than 400 director-level or higher executives worldwide. It reveals the new class of Mobile Trendsetters that have embraced mobility as a core business strategy and are moving steadily up the mobile maturity curve. The further an enterprise stands along the scale of mobile maturity, the greater its business gains.

Here are some key highlights of the research findings:

  • Mobile Trendsetters have a defined mobility business strategy that drives the technology roadmap;
  • have success metrics in place; and
  • have integrated mobility into overall enterprise governance.
  • The majority of respondents can attribute an increase in employee productivity to mobility initiatives.

Many Mobile Trendsetters are taking it to new levels by transforming business processes and focusing on customer-facing initiatives.

  • Nearly half of respondents report that mobility generated new revenue sources during the past year.
  • Mobile Trendsetters were considerably more likely to have generated new revenue sources.
  • Almost two-thirds of Mobile Trendsetters have formal technology-enabled processes in place to measure the ROI of mobility initiatives. 

Half of all respondents cite increases in customer satisfaction, business process speed, and employee satisfaction as the leading factors for ROI measurement.

Enterprises further up the mobility maturity scale, factor the entire mobile environment in their strategies, addressing devices, apps, strong security, expense management, and employee support services targeted to employees’ specific job functions and personal use profiles.

Point of View

  • BYOA and its Implications - Security is a large concern for enterprises embracing mobility. Watch this video where Terry Hartman, Vice President, Security Solution & Portfolio Management, discusses and analyses results of our findings on prevailing security measures in the industry. Watch the video.
  • Security Strategies and Policy Enforcement - Bring your own application is increasingly on the rise. Owen Unangst, Director, Mobile Computing, Unisys Federal Systems; and Terry Hartman Vice President, Security Solution & Portfolio Management, build the case for why BYOA cannot be ignored any longer and how enterprises can prepare themselves to harness the potential of this growing phenomenon. Watch the video.











Unisys Mobility Solutions eBook
Unisys Mobility Solutions eBook

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Unisys Research Keeping up with the Mobile Trendsetters
​​​​​Unisys Research Keeping up with the Mobile Trendsetters​​​
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