Disruptive IT Trends

Five technology trends have the potential to be disruptive to CIOs and IT organizations. They will be vital in reshaping the delivery of mission critical IT services to organizations and end users.

We invite you to explore each of these Disruptive IT Trends. Learn how to turn these trends from disruptive to productive in your organization.






Business environments are changing dramatically with the increasing proliferation of consumerized mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Employees and partners expect organizations to provide options of working from remote locations on a device of their choice with access to information they need when they need it. They are also increasingly commingling personal and business tasks on the same device instead of using separate devices. Customers today, want instant and on-hand access to products and services; and they want nothing less than the ‘complete’ digital experience in anything they do. Unfortunately, many organizations are not equipped to handle these expectations. They are hindered by standardized IT environments built for cost efficiencies and lack the agility to respond quickly to changing business needs.

Mobility to an organization means balancing business demands for mobile flexibility while being able to manage the mobile environment with their existing standardized IT environment. If implemented without careful planning, organizations could risk incomplete security deployments; miss out on revenue opportunities from introducing new products and services; and make erroneous and costly decisions using inefficient business processes.

With Unisys Mobility solutions organizations can simplify enterprise mobility with an integrated end-to-end mobile solution designed to make business, employees, and customers more effective by enabling businesses to:

Gain Insights and Control

Business and operational insights help you securely manage mobile resources while identifying areas of inefficiencies and opportunities.

Mobilize Information

Improve productivity and efficiency through enabling mobile access to existing enterprise or new applications designed to improve employee productivity or increase customer engagement.

Be Enterprise Agile

Meet the demands of the mobile enterprise with reliable, secure, and agile processes and resources that support the growth and demands of the mobile business environment.

Unisys’ Mobility solutions enable clients to achieve organizational value by:

  • Delivering industry-standard centralized outsourcing services for mobile environments.
  • Focusing on enabling legacy, primary system interfaces on latest device technology.
  • Securing the user, applications and data, not just the device, with user authentication and biometric solutions, mobile application management technology and data isolation.
  • Re-engineering standardized IT infrastructure from a less secure to a tiered, agile environment.

The user is at the heart of our solution. We work with you to ensure that the right people access the right information, at right time, and at the right location.

Unisys offers a comprehensive suite of mobility solutions that address mobility needs from the perspective of business processes, infrastructure, applications and the end-users.

Our integrated mobile solutions include:

Mobile Environment Management is our terminology for a more holistic management approach, including both devices (MDM) and applications (MAM). Our key capabilities include:

  • Mobile Device Management for all OSs including iOS, Android, Win8, BB
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management
  • Mobile End User Support, Monitoring and Enablement
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Telecom Expense Management

Unisys is also an authorized service provider including Apple, enabling us to provide our customers with:

  • Full warranty services
  • Desk-side support option for Device and Configuration issues
  • Install, move, add and de-install (IMACD) on-site support services when needed

Mobile Application Development represents cost-effective and high-quality mobile application development and integration services we provide to our customers. These services take advantage of advanced technologies and security built-in approaches designed to ensure continuity, high performance, and ease of maintenance. Our key capabilities include:

  • Native iOS, Android, Win8
  • HTML5 & Cross Platform
  • Mobile AppStore Setup and Management
  • Mobile Application Life-Cycle Management
  • Unisys ePortal – HTML5 mobile app creation infrastructures running on our ClearPath systems

Mobile Infrastructure represents services we provide to enable our customer's mobile environment through cloud or on-premise infrastructures. Our goal is to ensure our customer's infrastructure is able to adjust and adapts to change in demands, to provide the secure sharing of files and documents across environments, and to provide access to modern apps designed for the evolving workplace. Our key capabilities include:

  • Cloud Setup and Management 
  • On-Premise / Data Center Setup and Management
  • SaaS Integration including Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Secure Cloud Storage

Mobile Security represents our approach to provide our customer's mobile environment with greater security, lower risk using a more holistic security approach for the enterprise. We help our customers move away from risk-laden BYOT, to better governance and risk management by focusing on four key dimensions of security: user, device, apps and data. Our key capabilities include:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (including Biometric Authentication) 
  • VPN Setup 
  • App Wrapping 
  • User, Device, App and Data Security services

Mobile Assessments and Consulting represents services designed to provide our customers with a better mobile strategy to succeed in a mobile environment that has become very fragmented and comprised of disparate systems by putting them back into the driver’s seat. Our key capabilities include:

  • Innovation Workshops
  • Assessment and Strategy Consulting 
  • Process Transformation 
  • Governance and policies
  • Mobile User Role Definition

What separates Unisys apart is our focus on People Computing approach. By focusing on People first, the greatest value and results can be achieved.

Unisys Offerings


Unisys Offerings

Unisys Stealth;Mobility Family/DT-CyberSecurity-id-625

Disruptive IT Trends CyberSecurity


By having a logical framework for understanding cyber security, and the major domains it represents, enterprises can implement their cyber strategies and develop specific plans tailored for each domain. The challenge is far broader than simply addressing one issue such as securing mobile devices or securing cloud computing environments. It is about developing a comprehensive mission critical strategy and logical framework to address all of these inter-related trends.


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Security Solutions
​Enterprise Social Business Transformation Solutions

Today, more than 72% of companies are tapping into the power of social technologies to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration, enhance employee learning and development, drive innovation, and connect better with a new generation of customers, partners and other stakeholders. Companies that are quick to adopt the use of these technologies will gain competitive advantage, and position themselves to attract and retain top talent within the emerging workforce.

The Unisys Unified Social Business service offering is tailored to your specific company needs, available resources and where you are in your transformation journey. Whether you are just getting started or looking to reinvigorate your current initiative our team of experienced social business experts can help you achieve success. We are a world-class provider of holistic, integrated social business capabilities. When you partner with us we will help you differentiate your products, improve your efficiency, and delight your stakeholders, clients, prospects, and colleagues.

Unified Social Business takes a holistic approach to developing and implementing world-class social business capabilities. Our service portfolio incorporates strategy, leadership and stakeholder alignment, culture and employee engagement, education and training, technical architecture, data analytics, process integration and communications and change components required to drive game changing social business capabilities in your organization.

Our Services

We offer end-to-end services tailored to the state of your current implementation and the skills and resources available internally. Our overall approach to an Enterprise Social Business transformation consists of four phases:

  1. We Diagnose your social business transformation plans to identify and address key risks to successful deployment and organizational adoption
  2. We Advise on the critical decisions and program elements which impact your ability to deliver value from social business 
  3. We Deliver the capabilities through an experienced, global team of Unisys professionals and partnerships with leading enterprise social business partners around the world 
  4. We Manage your end-state enterprise social business platform, whether you need a best-in-class knowledge management organization, resources to manage your unified communications, or end-to-end capability support


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Enterprise Social Business Transformation

Social Business Family/DT-Cloud-Computing-id-622

​Cloud Computing

Disruptive IT Trends Cloud Computing


Cloud computing should be a strategic area of focus for CIOs and senior business leaders. This is due to the overwhelming agility and economic advantages of this new IT delivery model that touches nearly every aspect of IT. A common framework is essential for all IT service delivery models. It includes cloud, which addresses governance, security, integration, processes, policies, applications, and architecture within the context of three core areas: Applications, Data Centers, and Management.


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Cloud Solutions Family/DT-Social-Computing-id-626
​Social Computing

Disruptive IT Trends Social Computing


Social computing is an important strategic platform for increasing workplace collaboration and knowledge management. It is also a platform for modernizing enterprise applications to connect collaboration with business processes and transactions. The benefit is tangible productivity gains and customer value. Addressing both parts of this equation – social-enabling “horizontal” strategic knowledge management functions and “vertical” mission critical business applications – is key to unlocking the full potential of social computing in the enterprise.
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Social Business Family/DT-Big-Data-id-624
​Big Data

Disruptive IT Trends Big Data


Smart computing is all about utilizing the incredible processing power of today’s computing environments. Smart computing optimizes business decisions in real time and converts the ever-growing flood of data into both meaningful information and actionable intelligence. The strategic significance of smart computing in today’s globally-connected business environment is compelling. According to Gartner, in 2016, 5.5 million new things will get connected every day. The issue is broader than simply a storage issue around “big data”. What’s required is intelligent data analytics that can interpret data streams in real-time and make appropriate and automated business decisions.


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Service Management
Hybrid Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Solutions Family/DT-Mobility-id-623

Disruptive IT Trends Mobility


Employees have been at the heart of the mobility revolution. They have been blending personal, and business technology to make themselves more productive. This “Consumerization of IT” struck at the heart of every standardized, built-for-cost enterprise infrastructure. Now, increasingly we see enterprises taking back control over mobility as a core part of their business and IT strategies to drive revenue, enhance customer engagement, and be more competitive. However, some are more successful than others in taking advantage of the opportunities mobility creates. Who are these Mobile Trendsetters and what are they doing to get ahead and stay ahead? What can your organization learn from them about strategy, policy and governance to avoid falling into the Mobile Void? What business benefits do these Trendsetters achieve through a mature approach to mobility?


Unisys Solution Family
​​​​Cloud Advisory Services

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Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud Solutions
Enterprise Systems Management

Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) is a turnkey and integrated set of ITIL-based service management offerings. These capabilities provide advanced monitoring, remote management, and automated support for a range of enterprise systems including: applications, data centers, cloud, laptops, printers, workstations, network devices, servers, storage devices, and mainframes.

ESM is designed to drive business results, and is managed through a single view of service performance across the IT estate. ESM provides you with core IT operations capabilities such as: application performance monitoring, network monitoring, event management and notification, availability, and capacity management. The offering completes the lifecycle by delivering turnkey service management functions such as major incident, service impact, problem management, IT asset lifecycle management, and security information and event management (SIEM).

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Enterprise Systems Management

Service Management
​​​Unisys Stealth

Unisys Offerings
Unisys Stealth

Security Solutions;Stealth(mobile)
​Ensemble Unified Communications Powered By Microsoft Skype for Business

Today, many organizations are saying goodbye to their aging installed base of PBXs in favor of moving to enterprise voice with Microsoft Lync. However, once the transition has been made, navigating the breadth of the Lync ecosystem can be an even larger challenge.

The typical makeup of a Lync solution requires multiple hardware and solution partners. In many cases each component requires a different vendor, and support for each component is maintained separately.

Ensemble Unified Communications (UC) by Unisys helps remove these challenges that are faced when deploying and managing Lync.

Ensemble UC by Unisys allows an enterprise to leverage a single vendor for their Lync solution. With an end-to-end solution comprised of Microsoft-certified components, Unisys can help implement a Lync configuration that gives you the benefit of the highest possible service level agreement (SLA).

With a simplified management model you can be confident in your Lync solution delivery results. Multiple vendors inevitably leave gaps in service and support.

Ensemble gives you a single point of contact for all service and support requirements. Let Unisys orchestrate it all for you.

A fully managed UC solution

Unisys offers comprehensive end-to-end IT capabilities to lead you through the transformation to unified communications. Our approach is analytical and based on practical hands-on experience and sound business practices.

Ensemble Assessment and Advisory Services are always centered on your best interests. At Unisys, we are technology independent. These services take advantage of your current technology with strategic re-configurations that can potentially help you save on initial capital expenditures.

Ensemble Delivery Services approach is flexible with a customized deployment plan based on your needs. Ensemble can be delivered in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid environment.

Ensemble Management and Support Services centralizes support, management, and reporting to meet service level agreements.

At Unisys, we want you to experience the full benefit of Lync – easily and cost effectively.

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Ensemble Unified Communications

Social Business

​Unisys VantagePoint

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Unisys VantagePoint

Service Management;Infrastructure Services



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