​​​City of Oss Implements New Way of Working
The City of Oss enables anywhere, anytime access to its enterprise content management system Study/GSA-Modernizes-Fleet-Management-and-Property-Applications-id-1109
​GSA Modernizes Fleet Management Apps
ClearPath ePortal enterprise solution extends application value


Public Sector

A race to support the public

Public Sector organizations today are faced with multiple challenges, simultaneously, and from all directions. There is an expectation that they must be innovative in their approach to services. They are being asked to meet the growing demand for services, and deliver them in a manner most convenient to the citizen. At the same time, mandated cost savings translates into shrinking IT budgets. There is constant pressure on governments to do more with less, faster, and more securely.

government agencies fast factUnisys sits at the center of many mission critical needs of public sector organizations around the world. We develop and support the complex solutions that provide critical services to governments, their agencies, and their citizens, including:

  • Immigration and Border Control. Every day millions of people pass through country borders all over the globe safely and efficiently thanks to Unisys. Unisys is a global leader in People Identity, integrating cutting-edge biometric technologies that enable the rapid identification of threats and allow the efficient passage of citizens through major national ID programs.
  • Security. Citizens rely on their government to feel safe and secure at home. Unisys provides highest levels of security and identity assurance in the most convenient manner to citizens, travelers, and employees. When it comes to attacks on government networks and systems, attackers are becoming more sophisticated and more targeted, and Unisys is on the front lines of defense.
  • Health & Human Services. Unisys delivers innovative approaches to child welfare and benefit eligibility through the series of agencies that we call our clients. Unisys innovates best practices, process, and technologies to public sector organizations to improve services, reduce costs, and empower citizens through technology.
  • Public Safety & Justice. Unisys has implemented large, complex multi-agency multi-jurisdictional public safety and justice solutions that require innovative thinking and a high level of accuracy and integration.

When the system is mission critical, and when the citizen is important, public sector organizations turn to Unisys and our proven track record and daily leadership.



 Secure Family Net -id-950
Unisys Secure Family Net

Unisys Secure Family Net Apps for Business and Government
Google Apps for Business and Government

Google Apps for Business and Government
​​U-LEAF Enforcement Message Switch and Justice Exchange
LEMS Weather
Unisys Weather
Unisys Weather Content Management for Public Sector
Enterprise Content Management for Public Sector
Enterprise Content Management for Public Sector Safety and Justice
Public Safety and Justice
Public Safety and Justice and Human Services (HHS)
Health and Human Services
Health and Human Services (HHS) and Citizen Engagement for Local Governments

​End User Services

Unisys Offerings
End User Services

Managed Services and Outsourcing Family/V3-PublicSector-UnisysManagedServices-id-1168
Managed Services & Outsourcing

Unisys Managed Services for Public Sector


Unisys Managed Services enables government agencies across the globe to keep pace with technology change and end-user demands. We take a people computing approach to analyzing and evaluating business processes. We are experts at devising specific solutions for categories of end users that proactively avoid issues and efficiently resolve open issues. The results include reduced downtime for end users, improved business processes, and increased results for the agency and the citizen. Unisys works with leading public sector agencies around the globe to measure and monitor and improve end user productivity, and provide the right integrated solutions to maximize efficiency agency and the public.

Unisys Solution Family
Managed Services and Outsourcing
Service Desk

There is a science to end user support at the service desk, and the science is focused on making things easy for the user. Unisys People Computing has taken this science to a new level. By identifying the personas – or sets of users with similar needs and attitudes – that exist in the business, we are able to focus on a finite set of solutions. Then, using powerful data analytics to monitor users experience and spot trends, we are able to understand intimately how they engage with the systems, applications, and other functions. From this deep understanding, we are able to build a smart services catalogue where users access specific tools and applications needed for their particular persona, and support them in the manner they prefer.

Unisys provides a seamless and uninterrupted customer and employee experience using persona-based support across multiple channels and devices. Key to this consistent experience is Unisys VantagePoint™, an advanced user interface and multi-service integration platform. VantagePoint provides users an enterprise service portal that enables self-services to fix a problem or order the right tools or apps, and then reports service status in real time on any device. Your users enjoy an optimized experience, and your organization gains flexibility, speed, and economy, all without compromising control, compliance or security.

Unisys Offerings
Service Desk

Managed Services and Outsourcing -id-942

Business environments are changing dramatically with the increasing proliferation of consumerized mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Employees and partners expect organizations to provide options of working from remote locations on a device of their choice with access to information they need when they need it. They are also increasingly commingling personal and business tasks on the same device instead of using separate devices. Customers today, want instant and on-hand access to products and services; and they want nothing less than the ‘complete’ digital experience in anything they do. Unfortunately, many organizations are not equipped to handle these expectations. They are hindered by standardized IT environments built for cost efficiencies and lack the agility to respond quickly to changing business needs.

Mobility to an organization means balancing business demands for mobile flexibility while being able to manage the mobile environment with their existing standardized IT environment. If implemented without careful planning, organizations could risk incomplete security deployments; miss out on revenue opportunities from introducing new products and services; and make erroneous and costly decisions using inefficient business processes.

With Unisys Mobility solutions organizations can simplify enterprise mobility with an integrated end-to-end mobile solution designed to make business, employees, and customers more effective by enabling businesses to:

Gain Insights and Control

Business and operational insights help you securely manage mobile resources while identifying areas of inefficiencies and opportunities.

Mobilize Information

Improve productivity and efficiency through enabling mobile access to existing enterprise or new applications designed to improve employee productivity or increase customer engagement.

Be Enterprise Agile

Meet the demands of the mobile enterprise with reliable, secure, and agile processes and resources that support the growth and demands of the mobile business environment.

Unisys’ Mobility solutions enable clients to achieve organizational value by:

  • Delivering industry-standard centralized outsourcing services for mobile environments.
  • Focusing on enabling legacy, primary system interfaces on latest device technology.
  • Securing the user, applications and data, not just the device, with user authentication and biometric solutions, mobile application management technology and data isolation.
  • Re-engineering standardized IT infrastructure from a less secure to a tiered, agile environment.

The user is at the heart of our solution. We work with you to ensure that the right people access the right information, at right time, and at the right location.

Unisys offers a comprehensive suite of mobility solutions that address mobility needs from the perspective of business processes, infrastructure, applications and the end-users.

Our integrated mobile solutions include:

Mobile Environment Management is our terminology for a more holistic management approach, including both devices (MDM) and applications (MAM). Our key capabilities include:

  • Mobile Device Management for all OSs including iOS, Android, Win8, BB
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management
  • Mobile End User Support, Monitoring and Enablement
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Telecom Expense Management

Unisys is also an authorized service provider including Apple, enabling us to provide our customers with:

  • Full warranty services
  • Desk-side support option for Device and Configuration issues
  • Install, move, add and de-install (IMACD) on-site support services when needed

Mobile Application Development represents cost-effective and high-quality mobile application development and integration services we provide to our customers. These services take advantage of advanced technologies and security built-in approaches designed to ensure continuity, high performance, and ease of maintenance. Our key capabilities include:

  • Native iOS, Android, Win8
  • HTML5 & Cross Platform
  • Mobile AppStore Setup and Management
  • Mobile Application Life-Cycle Management
  • Unisys ePortal – HTML5 mobile app creation infrastructures running on our ClearPath systems

Mobile Infrastructure represents services we provide to enable our customer's mobile environment through cloud or on-premise infrastructures. Our goal is to ensure our customer's infrastructure is able to adjust and adapts to change in demands, to provide the secure sharing of files and documents across environments, and to provide access to modern apps designed for the evolving workplace. Our key capabilities include:

  • Cloud Setup and Management 
  • On-Premise / Data Center Setup and Management
  • SaaS Integration including Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Secure Cloud Storage

Mobile Security represents our approach to provide our customer's mobile environment with greater security, lower risk using a more holistic security approach for the enterprise. We help our customers move away from risk-laden BYOT, to better governance and risk management by focusing on four key dimensions of security: user, device, apps and data. Our key capabilities include:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (including Biometric Authentication) 
  • VPN Setup 
  • App Wrapping 
  • User, Device, App and Data Security services

Mobile Assessments and Consulting represents services designed to provide our customers with a better mobile strategy to succeed in a mobile environment that has become very fragmented and comprised of disparate systems by putting them back into the driver’s seat. Our key capabilities include:

  • Innovation Workshops
  • Assessment and Strategy Consulting 
  • Process Transformation 
  • Governance and policies
  • Mobile User Role Definition

What separates Unisys apart is our focus on People Computing approach. By focusing on People first, the greatest value and results can be achieved.

Unisys Offerings

Mobility Family/V3-PublicSector-MobilityforPublicSector-id-1166
Mobility by Unisys

Mobility for Public Sector 


Unisys Mobility Solutions are helping to transform agency operations and enhance the value of citizen engagement. Our solution begins with mobile assessments and consulting where we develop a mobile strategy and help to gain control of the mobile environment. Then we help to establish an optimal mobile infrastructure and environment management to ensure current and future demands can be met. Unisys has developed advanced mobile applications that bring mobile technology to the field. And finally, we constantly consider the best mobile security approach to make sure the business is always safe. Powered by our Insights to Value approach, Unisys has partnered with agencies around the world to deliver operational efficiencies, provide mobile access to information, and make agencies more agile in their efforts to provide services to the public.

Unisys Solution Family

​​Data Center Planning, Design, and Implementation Services

Unisys Offerings
Data Center Planning Design and Implementation Services

Cloud Solutions Family/V3-PublicSector-UnisysStealth-id-1164
Unisys Stealth

Unisys Stealth for Public Sector


The Unisys Stealth™ Solution Suite quickly establishes Communities of Interest (COI) between devices or for a particular transaction where only members are even aware of the existence of the community. By concealing the communication endpoints, Unisys Stealth carves out the complexity of IT infrastructure and delivers greater cost efficiencies while strengthening data security and controlling endpoint access. Unisys Stealth ensures the security of any device, laptop or computer by making the network or transaction invisible to any who do not know about it. Since you can’t hack what you can’t see, Unisys Stealth is the answer for public sector organizations that have to be constantly concerned about the security of information and data.

Unisys Solution Family
Unisys Stealth Family/V3-PublicSector-MeetingtheMissionwithCloud-id-1165
Unisys Cloud Solutions

Unisys Cloud Solutions for Public Sector


Today’s public CIOs confront expanding missions on many fronts. An ever-increasing range of citizen services are being proposed. Compliance requirements are constantly growing. Security concerns are heightened. Even sourcing has become a priority for the public CIO. Forward-thinking public sector CIOs have turned to the cloud for the cost savings and agility they seek. What many have found is that to pursue the best-practice cloud pathways requires laying new highway and specialized tread for their IT infrastructure. Unisys Cloud Solutions strategy provides the roadmap, advisory services and tools to help Public Sector CIO’s gain more visibility into their infrastructure, gain greater efficiencies, and achieve all of this with the highest confidence of a secure IT environment.

Unisys Solution Family
Cloud Solutions

Unisys Offerings

Unisys Stealth;Mobility
CloudBuild Services

While the pressure to adopt cloud is intense, adopting cloud haphazardly could be detrimental. There are persistent concerns around security, compliance, regulations, and cost. There are also unprecedented implementation challenges including:

  • the “cloud-in-a-corner” syndrome;
  • higher levels of risk in migrating to cloud; and
  • project failures and budget overruns.

The cloud is not a place to figure it out as you go.

Unisys CloudBuild Services enables organizations to successfully build cloud that is integrated into the overall business process, transforming their existing infrastructure into an agile IT-as-a-service model. Unisys “8-Tracks” model, a 360-degree cloud view approach, covers eight critical data center domains. Together with ConOps, which includes industry best practices, Unisys ensures that your cloud infrastructure meets the security, regulatory and compliance requirements enabling us to deliver the most secure and reliable cloud in the market place.

Unisys Offerings
CloudBuild Services

Cloud Solutions

Unisys Offerings

Unisys Stealth



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