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There is a science to end user support at the service desk, and the science is focused on making things easy for the user. Unisys People Computing has taken this science to a new level. By identifying the personas – or sets of users with similar needs and attitudes – that exist in the business, we are able to focus on a finite set of solutions. Then, using powerful data analytics to monitor users experience and spot trends, we are able to understand intimately how they engage with the systems, applications, and other functions. From this deep understanding, we are able to build a smart services catalogue where users access specific tools and applications needed for their particular persona, and support them in the manner they prefer.

Unisys provides a seamless and uninterrupted customer and employee experience using persona-based support across multiple channels and devices. Key to this consistent experience is Unisys VantagePoint™, an advanced user interface and multi-service integration platform. VantagePoint provides users an enterprise service portal that enables self-services to fix a problem or order the right tools or apps, and then reports service status in real time on any device. Your users enjoy an optimized experience, and your organization gains flexibility, speed, and economy, all without compromising control, compliance or security.

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Messaging and Value Added Services

The Communication industry has been undergoing considerable business changes for many years. While growth areas have been evident through data-oriented services and integrated mobile applications, carriers have been challenged with unprecedented competition from internet giants and declining voice revenue. The factors that are bringing about new business challenges while presenting new opportunities include:

  • Data Revolution and social networking and the demand for increased personalization and interoperability across platforms and devices
  • Enterprise applications that enable business transformation in retail, healthcare, government, utilities, and large service providers
  • Increasing network costs as carriers respond to the need for higher bandwidth while struggling with how to monetize new services that require it
  • Analytics that deliver information and context sensitive services to the right person, at the right time, with the right content based upon trends, end-user profiles, usage, location, etc.

Unisys Communications Solutions

The Unisys Communications Services provides an architecture and roadmap to help our clients quickly recognize revenue opportunities through the rapid, low-risk deployment of new services. Our enterprise-quality solution helps communications service providers add user services efficiently and effectively while leveraging their current investment. And our new business models take the risk out of new service deployment. Unisys Value Added Services – voice, video and data – can be provided across networks and integrated with formerly disparate services and vendors. The rich set of services provided by Unisys enable our clients to offer more capabilities to their customers and compete more effectively. Unisys provides these services through an agile and open/modular service creation and deployment architecture that supports current and next-generation networks, allowing introduction of new products and services to a broader subscriber base at lower incremental costs, positively impacting service innovation and time to market.

Value Added Services

Unisys builds incremental revenue for communications companies through advanced features and services that either increase call connectivity, enable additional service fees, or help reduce churn. These Value Added Services include an extensive array of complementary voice and data services with a high degree of interoperability with all of our Messaging and Converged User Services:

  • Unisys Application Services Broker (ASB) provides an open-source software environment for development of new services and acts as a hub for integrating multiple communications services. It is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enables reuse of service-enabling software components in multiple ways. Unisys ASB provides connectors to traditional messaging application services as well as to new services such as Digital Dialog Manager, advanced call control, social media, mass notification, and location-based services, to name a few.
  • Unisys Digital Dialog Manager (DDM) enables automated two-way communication between CSPs and targeted subscribers. It enables subscriber profiling and targeting for marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns based on subscribers’ profiles, expressed preferences, current location and other key factors. DDM can deliver the campaign-related messages and content to specific subscribers through their preferred communications channel including SMS, multimedia messaging service (MMS), email, and social media.
  • Unisys Messaging Services integrates with social networking sites such as Facebook to provide more personalization. It offers visual access to voicemail through a variety of interfaces and devices such as PC, laptop, table, or mobile handset. The solution can convert voice messages to text across multiple languages and deliver them via email, SMS, IM, or other text-based delivery channel. These and other advanced services provide new ways to stay connected. It combines with our existing capabilities allowing subscribers to productively send and receive voice, fax and email messages across any network and through any type of communication device. Customizable mailbox features and call flows are offered that support international standards and multiple languages while integrating seamlessly with wireless technologies.
  • Unisys Notification Services Broker delivers a personal information alerting service to users at a device of their choosing from any application. A variety of notification channels have been added to existing MWI, and Outdial for notification delivery, such as Email, SMS, MMS, and IM, where one notification event can trigger multiple notifications.
  • New Unisys Value Added Services allows carriers to build incremental revenue through advanced call features such as Call Filtering, Call Me Now (presence service), Voicemail to Text, Never Lost Call, etc. which complement our existing Auto Attendant and Voice Controlled Messaging capability. The application broker is integrated with a digital content management capability that allows carriers to deliver subscribers personalized content such as marketing campaigns, helpful information on service availability and usage, interactive emergency alerts and location-based targeted advertising. The open, flexible Unisys platform provides a powerful environment that enables fast time-to-market for new services.
  • Unisys Voicemail as a Service and VAS as a Service provides a new business model for our clients based on cloud computing and Unisys Stealth® technology. The Notification Server and Value Added Services are well-positioned for deployment in this new model.

Why Unisys Communications Solutions?

Unisys Communications Solutions address today’s business challenges and opportunities through a new initiative called Modernization of the Messaging Application (MoMA). The MoMA initiative provides an evolutionary path to modernization that leverages existing assets while delivering true voice and Internet convergence with:

  • Simplicity
  • Agility
  • Sustainable performance

MoMA enables faster time to market for Voice over IP and integrated web-based services through platform and network interface enhancements that build upon Unisys’ strengths in mission critical messaging solutions. This is accomplished through the rapid development and integration of voice, web, and enterprise services provided by Unisys’ enhanced service creation and delivery framework.

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Messaging and Value Added Services

Messaging and Value Added Services