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​Applied Innovation in Communications
Unisys helping advance clients’ IT strategies and modernize mission critical environments
​​​​Stealth for Telecommunications
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Communications enterprises lead the way

Operators in the telecommunications sector have been the tip of the innovation spear for the past two decades. From increasing the speed of data transfer to smartphones to supporting mobile payments, no one in telecommunications has driven change and innovation more than operators. In response, businesses have remade themselves, and entire industries have been transformed.

But with the new playing fields, come new demands. To continue to answer their call to leadership, communications enterprises seek technology and strategy direction that supports intelligent innovation.

And the pace of change is dizzying. Technology is more convergent and disruptive. The world is now digital. Security is paramount. On top of this, the business of communications has changed. Voice revenues continue their free fall. Consumers are showing less and less loyalty. Competitors are delivering over-the-top (OTT) content, picking off the most lucrative revenue. Communications enterprises are forced to aggressively manage the costs of their massive network investments while at the same time pursue new business models, services, and revenues.

Challenges and opportunities abound

Operational agility: Whether you are an industry veteran burdened with legacy network infrastructure, or have rolled-out 4G capabilities, the challenge is the same—how to remain responsive to the market and support the most flexible and attractive services and bundled offerings. Leaders today must support an operating model that allows for flexible, reliable, scalable, and secure transport of these rich communications services.

Customer experience management (CEM): Customers today are not loyal, particularly to their network providers. To fight this battle, communications enterprises need to provide a platform that allows for better relationships with customers, both enterprise and consumer. As providers prepare their networks to support a digital world, they are also called to develop innovative CEM strategies that span channels and serve up the most appealing mix of services and content. If both the customer and the content are now the king, network providers must battle to reclaim the crown.

Unisys leads the way

Unisys helps communications enterprises provide new, innovative data, and voice services based on the latest technology standards. Our work with leading companies has helped them become faster, more nimble, and better able to place themselves at the center of providing real value-added services to consumers and clients. As network providers evolve to IP Multimedia Services (IMS) and software defined networks, Unisys helps them provide the value over that network, drive revenue, and create competitive differentiation. -id-1058
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​End User Services

Unisys Offerings
End User Services

Managed Services and Outsourcing Family/V3-Telecommunication-UnisysManagedServices-id-1072
Managed Services & Outsourcing

Unisys Managed Services for Communications


In telecommunications, there is a tremendous push toward delivering innovative, reliable services to the end user. This places more and more emphasis on how to deliver the best end user experience possible. Unisys Managed Services has taken a people computing approach to devising specific solutions for categories of users. This approach proactively avoids issues and efficiently resolves open issues—particularly powerful in the customer-focused telecommunications arena. The reduced IT issues, improved service desk performance and true end user focus means improved results for the business.

Unisys Solution Family
Managed Services and Outsourcing
Service Desk

There is a science to end user support at the service desk, and the science is focused on making things easy for the user. Unisys People Computing has taken this science to a new level. By identifying the personas – or sets of users with similar needs and attitudes – that exist in the business, we are able to focus on a finite set of solutions. Then, using powerful data analytics to monitor users experience and spot trends, we are able to understand intimately how they engage with the systems, applications, and other functions. From this deep understanding, we are able to build a smart services catalogue where users access specific tools and applications needed for their particular persona, and support them in the manner they prefer.

Unisys provides a seamless and uninterrupted customer and employee experience using persona-based support across multiple channels and devices. Key to this consistent experience is Unisys VantagePoint™, an advanced user interface and multi-service integration platform. VantagePoint provides users an enterprise service portal that enables self-services to fix a problem or order the right tools or apps, and then reports service status in real time on any device. Your users enjoy an optimized experience, and your organization gains flexibility, speed, and economy, all without compromising control, compliance or security.

Unisys Offerings
Service Desk

Managed Services and Outsourcing Family/V3-Telecommunications-UnisysChoreographerCloudforComm-id-1071
Unisys Choreographer

Unisys Choreographer—Cloud for Communications


Choreographer™ is a fully-featured Cloud Management Platform (CMP) designed to automate the management of infrastructure that hosts development, test and production workloads in an elastic, scalable, highly-secure manner using private, public and hybrid cloud deployments. Choreographer delivers “just in time” resources that can be shared between user communities in a common infrastructure model but remain secure and isolated from each other. The massive IT resources of the communications service provider are converted into a flexible, metered, self-provisioned and internet/intranet-based delivery of service.

Unisys Solution Family
Choreographer Family/V3-Telecommunications-UnisysIPMultimediaServices-id-1069
Unisys IP Multi-media Services

Unisys IP Multi-media Services for Communications


Today’s communications enterprise is under constant pressure to quickly recognize revenue opportunities through the rapid, low-risk deployment of new services. Unisys delivers solutions that help operators more effectively compete by offering new IP-based services such as video messaging, See-What-I-See and others. These new services give consumers and corporate users innovative ways to conduct their work and non-work communications. And our new business models lower the risk out of new service deployment. Unisys Value Added Services – voice, video and data – can be provided across networks and integrated with formerly disparate services and vendors. The rich set of services provided by Unisys enables our clients to offer more capabilities with a faster time-to-market to compete more effectively.

Unisys Solution Family
Messaging and Value Added Services Family/V3-Telecommunications-UnisysStealthforCommunications -id-1070
Unisys Stealth

Unisys Stealth for Communications


Customers depend on communications service providers to ensure privacy and security of their data and communications. Sophisticated cyber-attacks are compromising the privacy and security of customer and enterprise data that CTOs and other executives are entrusted to protect. The Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report covers more than 47,000 security incidents and found that 76% of network intrusions exploited weak or stolen credentials. Failure to protect the network translates to financial downside, loss of reputation and, in turn, loss of customers. Unisys Stealth™ is a tool to help attract and retain clients. It carves out the complexity of IT infrastructure and delivers greater cost efficiencies while strengthening data security and controlling endpoint access.

Unisys Solution Family
Unisys Stealth Family/V3-Telecommunications-ForwardbyUnisysforComm-id-1068
Forward! by Unisys

Forward! by Unisys for Communications


The datacenter is considered mission critical and more companies are struggling with how best to manage the applications and systems that run through the datacenter. Many are turning to their communications enterprise to get it right. And many communications enterprises are realizing that Forward! by Unisys™ fabric for Communications delivers mission critical capabilities at 50-60% less the cost than a legacy Unix based solution without sacrificing security and performance. This is how providers delivery carrier grade SLAs on their data center operations at a fraction of the cost. In addition, Forward! fabric satisfies requirements of applications (network management, real-time billing) that demand more predictability of performance than can be guaranteed by standard virtualization products.
Unisys Solution Family
Forward by Unisys
Stealth for Mobile

Unisys StealthTM for Mobile enables authenticated and secure access to application processing environments in the data center from mobile applications. With Unisys Stealth for Mobile, security starts in the data center and extends to mobile devices. It leverages application wrapping software that encrypts data-in-motion from the mobile app across the Internet – securing it from hackers and eavesdroppers. Benefits include:

  • Helps secure the most critical assets in the data center from threats introduced by mobile devices.
  • End-users are quickly authenticated into Stealth Communities of Interest with no adverse impact on the user experience. 
  • Enables even more fine-grained security to be applied to your application users.
  • Fosters quicker implementation of mobile initiatives - application developers don’t need to become security experts or keep up with ever-changing security protocols.
  • Supports BYOD environments - it does not require an entire device to be secured; personal data or applications on the mobile device are undisturbed.

Unisys Stealth for Mobile secures the entire data path by protecting critical servers and virtual machines with Data Center Segmentation, connecting authenticated mobile users into secure Communities of Interest, and wrapping applications on the mobile device.

Unisys Offerings
Stealth for Mobile

Unisys Stealth;Mobility
Messaging and Value Added Services

The Communication industry has been undergoing considerable business changes for many years. While growth areas have been evident through data-oriented services and integrated mobile applications, carriers have been challenged with unprecedented competition from internet giants and declining voice revenue. The factors that are bringing about new business challenges while presenting new opportunities include:

  • Data Revolution and social networking and the demand for increased personalization and interoperability across platforms and devices
  • Enterprise applications that enable business transformation in retail, healthcare, government, utilities, and large service providers
  • Increasing network costs as carriers respond to the need for higher bandwidth while struggling with how to monetize new services that require it
  • Analytics that deliver information and context sensitive services to the right person, at the right time, with the right content based upon trends, end-user profiles, usage, location, etc.

Unisys Communications Solutions

The Unisys Communications Services provides an architecture and roadmap to help our clients quickly recognize revenue opportunities through the rapid, low-risk deployment of new services. Our enterprise-quality solution helps communications service providers add user services efficiently and effectively while leveraging their current investment. And our new business models take the risk out of new service deployment. Unisys Value Added Services – voice, video and data – can be provided across networks and integrated with formerly disparate services and vendors. The rich set of services provided by Unisys enable our clients to offer more capabilities to their customers and compete more effectively. Unisys provides these services through an agile and open/modular service creation and deployment architecture that supports current and next-generation networks, allowing introduction of new products and services to a broader subscriber base at lower incremental costs, positively impacting service innovation and time to market.

Value Added Services

Unisys builds incremental revenue for communications companies through advanced features and services that either increase call connectivity, enable additional service fees, or help reduce churn. These Value Added Services include an extensive array of complementary voice and data services with a high degree of interoperability with all of our Messaging and Converged User Services:

  • Unisys Application Services Broker (ASB) provides an open-source software environment for development of new services and acts as a hub for integrating multiple communications services. It is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enables reuse of service-enabling software components in multiple ways. Unisys ASB provides connectors to traditional messaging application services as well as to new services such as Digital Dialog Manager, advanced call control, social media, mass notification, and location-based services, to name a few.
  • Unisys Digital Dialog Manager (DDM) enables automated two-way communication between CSPs and targeted subscribers. It enables subscriber profiling and targeting for marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns based on subscribers’ profiles, expressed preferences, current location and other key factors. DDM can deliver the campaign-related messages and content to specific subscribers through their preferred communications channel including SMS, multimedia messaging service (MMS), email, and social media.
  • Unisys Messaging Services integrates with social networking sites such as Facebook to provide more personalization. It offers visual access to voicemail through a variety of interfaces and devices such as PC, laptop, table, or mobile handset. The solution can convert voice messages to text across multiple languages and deliver them via email, SMS, IM, or other text-based delivery channel. These and other advanced services provide new ways to stay connected. It combines with our existing capabilities allowing subscribers to productively send and receive voice, fax and email messages across any network and through any type of communication device. Customizable mailbox features and call flows are offered that support international standards and multiple languages while integrating seamlessly with wireless technologies.
  • Unisys Notification Services Broker delivers a personal information alerting service to users at a device of their choosing from any application. A variety of notification channels have been added to existing MWI, and Outdial for notification delivery, such as Email, SMS, MMS, and IM, where one notification event can trigger multiple notifications.
  • New Unisys Value Added Services allows carriers to build incremental revenue through advanced call features such as Call Filtering, Call Me Now (presence service), Voicemail to Text, Never Lost Call, etc. which complement our existing Auto Attendant and Voice Controlled Messaging capability. The application broker is integrated with a digital content management capability that allows carriers to deliver subscribers personalized content such as marketing campaigns, helpful information on service availability and usage, interactive emergency alerts and location-based targeted advertising. The open, flexible Unisys platform provides a powerful environment that enables fast time-to-market for new services.
  • Unisys Voicemail as a Service and VAS as a Service provides a new business model for our clients based on cloud computing and Unisys Stealth™ technology. The Notification Server and Value Added Services are well-positioned for deployment in this new model.

Why Unisys Communications Solutions?

Unisys Communications Solutions address today’s business challenges and opportunities through a new initiative called Modernization of the Messaging Application (MoMA). The MoMA initiative provides an evolutionary path to modernization that leverages existing assets while delivering true voice and Internet convergence with:

  • Simplicity
  • Agility
  • Sustainable performance

MoMA enables faster time to market for Voice over IP and integrated web-based services through platform and network interface enhancements that build upon Unisys’ strengths in mission critical messaging solutions. This is accomplished through the rapid development and integration of voice, web, and enterprise services provided by Unisys’ enhanced service creation and delivery framework.

Unisys Offerings
Messaging and Value Added Services

Messaging and Value Added Services

Choreographer™ is a fully-featured Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that automates the management of infrastructure that hosts development, testing, and production workloads in an elastic, scalable, highly-secure manner using private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments. Choreographer directs and optimizes key IT services and processes through policy-driven automation. It automates the lifecycle management of data center and public infrastructure resources.

This lifecycle needs to be, in turn, coordinated with other key data center IT processes and services such as identity, access, configuration, asset, incident, performance, and capacity management. With Choreographer, all of these processes are coordinated from a single, web-based pane of glass that protects the resources with best-in-class identity and access management.

Four Reasons to Choose Choreographer:

  1. Stronger Enterprise: Class Security: Secures communication between Virtual Machines (VM). Promote security and regulatory compliance demands by concealing communication end points.

  2. Business-Aligned: Delivers IT services synced to business demands through an IT Service Management (ITSM) approach to cloud. Shift focus from managing technology to achieving business goals.

  3. Better Control: Create as many levels as you need within a tenant, all with unique authorization and control. Represent your organizational structure within the service catalog. Track, report, and chargeback based on usage at any level of the hierarchy.

  4. Faster Return on Investment: Accelerate your private cloud deployment through our patent pending JumpStart program. Deploy a pre-configured Cloud Management Platform in days.

Unisys Offerings

Stealth for Network Security

Unisys StealthTM secures data-in-motion and controls the information sharing within or across networks by employing an innovative data cloaking technique – all while vastly simplifying the infrastructure. Stealth assures security by transforming information using FIPS140-2 certified AES-256 encryption integrated with a new cryptographic data-dispersal algorithm that spreads data across the fabric of the network.

Stealth for Network Security has been through the National Security Agency's Common Criteria process and received EAL-4+ certification as a multi-domain network software solution for protection of data-in-motion across any network - private or public - qualifying Stealth to protect up to secret defense-level or sensitive industry information to support your mission critical requirements.

Here’s what Stealth for Network Security can do:

  • Render communication endpoints undetectable and secure across any private or public network 
  • Secure virtualization of communities of interest (COI) based on security privileges allowing multiple COIs to coexist on a single physical infrastructure
  • Deliver superior cyber defense resulting from Stealth’s ability to cloak networks from outsiders 
  • Reduce infrastructure and cost by reducing the need for multiple, separate physical networks for each COI 
  • Work with the existing security, identity management and IT infrastructure without a costly redesign

Stealth for Data Center Segmentation

Enterprise data centers have evolved over the last decade following innovations in server virtualization and consumerization of IT. Today's security reality presents a critical need to restrict access to certain assets, specifically the servers executing strategic applications and housing the most sensitive data.

The traditional tiered network architecture accomplishes critical server and database security by physical network separation from other data center assets. Flat networks are more flexible and easier to administer, but any system on the network can access any other system.

Unisys StealthTM provides a superior solution to either configuration. Separation of critical servers and databases is achieved by using software to virtualize the network and create secure groups we call Communities of Interest (COI). Far less network equipment is required and on already flat networks, Stealth compartmentalizes the servers with COI; systems in different COI cannot communicate with each other. The result is cost efficiencies with much greater protection.

Regional Isolation

Companies looking to multiple geographies for new business opportunities are exposed to new security challenges. Confidentiality requirements may necessitate that systems at geographically dispersed centers be kept separate from the corporate data center. However, some regional access to the enterprise data center is required.

Unisys StealthTM is designed to provide a solution to the regional challenge. Using Communities of Interest, Unisys Stealth helps secure sensitive data, servers and applications within a regional data center as well as corporate assets in the enterprise data center to:

  • Isolate regional assets from local threats
  • Segregate regional assets from each other
  • Allow selective and secure regional access to the enterprise network

Using Unisys Stealth to connect the regional data center back to the corporate data center provides access to corporate servers, data, and applications to only those with explicit permission.

Secure Remote Access

Unisys StealthTM for Secure Remote Access provides teleworkers, clients, and other trusted parties outside the enterprise with access to sensitive data in the data center. Individuals can be authorized into secure Communities of Interest (COI) which provides limited, granular access to information they need. In addition to establishing virtual COI, Unisys Stealth makes communication endpoints – servers, laptops, and other devices – dark on the network, making them virtually invisible to anyone not authorized into the COI.

  • Need-to-know access to enterprise data from outside the enterprise
  • Flexibility to securely connect from practically anywhere, anytime
  • Ease of use and enhanced user experience

Secure Virtual Terminal

Unisys Stealth for Secure Virtual Terminal (SVT) delivers the Unisys Stealth for Network Security on a secure USB-based device. SSVT is designed to protect high value transactions, transmit sensitive data, facilitate emergency preparedness, and is ideal for travelling, home-based, or guest users. It can be booted from virtually any PC or laptop and preconfigured to establish a virtual secure Stealth tunnel through any network - private or public - to another predetermined Stealth endpoint such as a URL, web portal, Stealth gateway, etc. Our solution guarantees a clean boot from the USB device that mitigates any malware that may have infected the PC itself.

  • SSVT has all of the attributes of Stealth for Network Security
  • Flexibility to securely connect from anywhere, anytime
  • Ease of use and enhanced user experience 
  • Small and portable


Unisys Offerings
Stealth for Network Security

Unisys Stealth
​UNIX to Linux Migration

Time to Move Forward

Many critical applications have been deployed in UNIX systems for performance and security reasons; the architecture of the systems provides for partitioning and a degree of security. The users are now looking to reduce the TCO, and address concerns about processors reaching end of life, by moving their applications to Intel X86, primarily with Linux. However, there is a reluctance to move in case security and performance are compromised.

Forward! Fabric Is the Answer

The Forward! by UnisysTM fabric delivers the UNIX experience on an Intel Xeon platform providing the security, predictive performance and scalability for legacy UNIX applications. Built from the Unisys heritage of unmatched security, the Forward! environment enables the flexibility of standard virtualization in secure isolated partitions with dedicated resources for improved and predictable application performance while at the same time reducing TCO.*

Ideal Environment

The Forward! by Unisys fabric provides an ideal target environment. The secure partitions enable predictable performance, the scalability of fabric architecture, secure and isolated partitions, high speed interconnect and Unisys StealthTM solution for security. The lower hardware and software license costs compared with the UNIX environments reduces the TCO of the system after migration.*

Unisys delivers one of the most secure computing environments and has improved the security, predictability and performance of today’s powerful Intel Xeon platform for Linux and Windows operating environments. Forward! offers the UNIX experience, characteristics and simplicity for a cost effective UNIX replacement. 

Our Experts Can Help

If you are looking to move to an open platform from your legacy UNIX environment you need the right partner to support this activity. Unisys, through its decades of providing mission-critical systems to some of the largest organizations, understands the risks and concerns of an organization looking to move their critical systems to a new platform.

Starting with an initial assessment of not only your applications but the infrastructure and service level requirements that are needed to support them, Unisys will then plan the migration process and provide the resources and capabilities to transition your applications to a mission-critical open platform. This whole process is supported by a robust methodology and a specialist application transformation factory designed to drive efficiency, repeatable results and reduce the risk of transition.

*Estimates based on Unisys engineering models. Actual benefits may vary dependent on specific client implementations.

Unisys Offerings
UNIX to Linux Migration

Forward by Unisys

​Data Center Consolidation

Out of Control

Today’s data center is under extreme pressure to become more agile while reducing cost. Organizations are exploring new ways to consolidate, reduce server complexity, optimize system management resources, and leverage new technologies like virtualization.

Ideal Data Center

An ideal data center deployment needs IT agility and fast response to rapidly changing business dynamics. This means that applications need to perform at all times and new business requirements need to be implemented promptly. Applications deployed in virtualized environments need to be easy and secure - all without losing the predictability of performance.

Take Control!

The Forward! by UnisysTM fabric delivers a secure and predictive environment to consolidate mission critical and other applications. It enables the flexibility of virtualization combined with the security of physical infrastructure. Forward! fabric provides secure isolated partitions for virtualized performance without the worries of cloud performance. Forward! fabric also helps reduce infrastructure costs through consolidation.

Rethink the Way Mission Critical Applications Are Deployed

Technologies such as virtualization have reduced server sprawl by increasing the utilization of physical servers. However, the various applications are not completely isolated, which may lead to data vulnerability and performance problems. Consolidating into a Forward! environment brings many advantages:

  • Mission critical security
  • Predictable performance
  • Isolated partitioning with dedicated hardware resources
  • Increased application and network performance
  • Effective system management
  • Scalability
  • Fast Interconnect

Predicted Cost Savings Through:

  • Reduced number of servers and maintenance contracts 
  • Reduced software licensing, software maintenance, and hardware maintenance requirements
  • Simplified system management
  • Effective disaster recovery and backup implementations

People, Processes, and Technology

The Unisys Data Center Consolidation Services combine the people, processes, and technology with the project management necessary to transform a client’s existing data centers into ones that provide business agility at a lower cost.

Unisys has a complete range of services that create a cohesive, end-to-end optimization, and migration of data centers. And, Unisys offers a wide range of services for discovery, analysis, optimization, virtualization, consolidation, and migration of data centers, and support any gaps in client skills and capacities.

Unisys Offerings
Data Center Consolidation

Forward by Unisys



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