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​Security as a Growth Driver

Innovative security to help customers increase confidence

​​Hybrid Enterprise for Financial Services

​Adopting cloud and making the most of IT investments
​​​​A Three-Phase Approach

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​​​​​Chipping Away at Banking Impediments

Challenges facing financial services institutions in the mobile environment
Financial Services

Banks under pressure

Financial services institutions are being asked to make their businesses more flexible and agile with the aim of growing revenue, driving increased efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance, all while creating lasting customer relationships. The backdrop for this is a mission critical technology environment marked by regulatory pressure and heavy IT-dependence. To top off the struggle, banking has become highly competitive. New entrants are figuring out how to pick of​f the highest margin products while avoiding the highly-regulated arenas. And customers themselves are proving very willing to shop for the best rates and bank with multiple providers to get the services they need.

Global Banks

Successful banks are re-inventing their business models and approach. Disruptive trends such as mobility and social business are spreading throughout banking, changing the way employees and customers interact. There is a push to swap capital expenditures for operating expenditures, making technologies like the cloud appealing. And security across all channels remains a priority. The magic mix has not yet emerged, but what is clear is that financial institutions are being forced to constantly innovate to remain competitive.

Unisys leads the way

Where there are big challenges in banking, that is where you will find Unisys. Unisys is helping today’s leading financial institutions establish secure banking solutions unlike any other in the industry. We are working with our clients to:

  • Re-engineer business processes to comply with new regulations, and harness the power of new technology such as mobile, cloud, and big data
  • Revamp legacy online banking platforms to respond faster to market opportunities
  • Revisit data center infrastructures for better service quality and lower costs
  • Prevent cyber-attacks and other security breaches that tarnish reputations and cause massive investment losses

Our longest tenured bank client has been with Unisys for over 100 years, and many have been with us for decades. This breadth and depth of experience enables us to address your varied technology and business needs. Unisys delivers proven strategy, mission critical confidence, innovative and robust solutions, and operations support that unlocks our clients’ real value and allows them to stay ahead of the market and their competition.



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Retail Delivery

Unisys Stealth

Unisys Stealth for Financial Services


Banks move trillions of dollars each day around the globe. BCG calculates that in 2010 banks moved over $331 Trillion, and this is expected to more than double by 2020. At the same time, cyber criminals are gearing up their capabilities to gain access to the bank boom. Winning banks are thinking differently about security. Secure is good, but invisible is better. Leveraging Unisys Stealth™ technology, banks can now confidently, and securely, support transactions anywhere in the world on any device. Stealth effectively makes these transactions invisible to all except authorized parties. In the spirit of “you can’t hack what you can’t see”, banks are confidently rolling out new services and offerings knowing they are protected by Stealth.

Unisys Solution Family
Unisys Stealth
​​​​Simplify the SAP® Software Landscape

Unisys Offerings
Simplify the SAP Software Landscape

Forward by Unisys

Choreographer™ is a fully-featured Cloud Management System (CMS​) that automates the management of infrastructure that hosts development, testing, and production workloads in an elastic, scalable, highly-secure manner using private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments. Choreographer directs and optimizes key IT services and processes through policy-driven automation. It automates the lifecycle management of data center and public infrastructure resources.

This lifecycle needs to be, in turn, coordinated with other key data center IT processes and services such as identity, access, configuration, asset, incident, performance, and capacity management. With Choreographer, all of these processes are coordinated from a single, web-based pane of glass that protects the resources with best-in-class identity and access management.

Four Reasons to Choose Choreographer:

  1. Stronger Enterprise-Class Security: Secures communication between Virtual Machines (VM). Promote security and regulatory compliance demands by concealing communication end points.
  2. Business-Aligned: Delivers IT services synced to business demands through an IT Service Management (ITSM) approach to cloud. Shift focus from managing technology to achieving business goals.
  3. Better Control: Reflect your organizational structure and/or project requirements in your cloud and service catalog and ensure tailored ​authorization and control at every level. Track, report and enable chargeback based on cloud usage metrics at any level and for any entity in the hierarchy.
  4. Faster Return on Investment: Accelerate your private cloud deployment through our patent pending JumpStart program. Deploy a pre-configured Cloud Management System in days.

Unisys Offerings

​UNIX to Linux Migration

Time to Move Forward

Many critical applications have been deployed in UNIX systems for performance and security reasons; the architecture of the systems provides for partitioning and a degree of security. The users are now looking to reduce the TCO, and address concerns about processors reaching end of life, by moving their applications to Intel X86, primarily with Linux. However, there is a reluctance to move in case security and performance are compromised.

Forward! Fabric Is the Answer

The Forward! by UnisysTM fabric delivers the UNIX experience on an Intel Xeon platform providing the security, predictive performance and scalability for legacy UNIX applications. Built from the Unisys heritage of unmatched security, the Forward! environment enables the flexibility of standard virtualization in secure isolated partitions with dedicated resources for improved and predictable application performance while at the same time reducing TCO.*

Ideal Environment

The Forward! by Unisys fabric provides an ideal target environment. The secure partitions enable predictable performance, the scalability of fabric architecture, secure and isolated partitions, high speed interconnect and Unisys StealthTM solution for security. The lower hardware and software license costs compared with the UNIX environments reduces the TCO of the system after migration.*

Unisys delivers one of the most secure computing environments and has improved the security, predictability and performance of today’s powerful Intel Xeon platform for Linux and Windows operating environments. Forward! offers the UNIX experience, characteristics and simplicity for a cost effective UNIX replacement. 

Our Experts Can Help

If you are looking to move to an open platform from your legacy UNIX environment you need the right partner to support this activity. Unisys, through its decades of providing mission-critical systems to some of the largest organizations, understands the risks and concerns of an organization looking to move their critical systems to a new platform.

Starting with an initial assessment of not only your applications but the infrastructure and service level requirements that are needed to support them, Unisys will then plan the migration process and provide the resources and capabilities to transition your applications to a mission-critical open platform. This whole process is supported by a robust methodology and a specialist application transformation factory designed to drive efficiency, repeatable results and reduce the risk of transition.

*Estimates based on Unisys engineering models. Actual benefits may vary dependent on specific client implementations.

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UNIX to Linux Migration

Forward by Unisys Family/V3-Financial-Services-Forward-by-Unisys-id-1086
Forward! by Unisys

Forward! by Unisys for Financial Services


Banks are eager to return to the business of banking—rolling out innovative products for customers, improving the customer experience, and capturing loyalty and revenue accordingly. Few can claim that trifecta in their current environment due to an underinvestment in systems architecture improvements and upgrades. Enter Forward! by Unisys™, a fabric architecture for secure processing of mission critical applications. Users can weave different levels of technology seamlessly into a single platform, free of the rigid requirements of legacy systems. Forward! fabric increases bandwidth by as much as 400%, adding speed while subtracting cost and complexity. No longer do banks have to choose between security, agility, and cost-effectiveness. Forward! fabric enables all three. Today, banks can attack the market with the confidence that their systems will deliver—securely, flexibly, and cost-effectively.

Unisys Solution Family
Forward by Unisys

Unisys Offerings

Unisys Stealth;Mobility



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