EaaS Solutions

Unisys can provide both Google and Microsoft 365 solutions and have offerings listed in the Lots below. 

Lot One:  Email as a Service (Eaas):

  • Offers email service, calendar, contacts and collaboration (including Instant Messaging) on a per-mailbox basis.
  • Includes mobile device integration (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows), Archive & eDiscovery capabilities.
Lot Two:  Office Automation
  • Offers Web conferencing
  • Video chat, unified communications, integration with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).
  • Intranet website creation with user creatable content, document repository and wiki capabilities.
Lot Three:  Electronic Records Management (Award Pending Decision)
  • Integrates document management with email.
  • Provides application programming interface (API) for records management needs and eDiscovery tools that efficiently search through archives and files.
Lot Four: Migration Services
  • Migrate existing email system and data (mail, calendar, contacts).
  • End user and administrator training.
  • Services include migrating mobile users, integration with agency directory services, and project management of transition.
Lot Five: Integration Services
  • Includes development and technical maintenance for integration of applications, project management, and other integration work.​

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