Unisys 2018 Connected Government Survey


Unisys Connected Government Survey of 5000+ citizens in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore provides insights into how people prefer to engage with government and if they support government agencies sharing citizen data with each other.

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John Kendall
Dir. Border and National Security Program, Global Public Sector

Mark Forman
Global Head, VP and GM, Public Sector

Shawn Kingsberry
Dir. Digital Government, Global Public Sector

John Wright
Head of Strategic Initiatives Global Public Sector

Tim Green
SME for Justice, Law Enforcement and Border Security

Unisys 2016 Joined Up
Government Survey


Key findings and commentary from the Unisys Joined Up Government Survey – a study that provides insights into the attitudes of citizens in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore toward digital government service.

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Digital Government Transformation: Think Like a Citizen (Infographic)


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