Client Support

Anytime, anywhere – we have you covered

Unisys is a trusted provider of world-class maintenance coverage for all of the hardware and software products we sell. We also offer premium proactive support services that help to further optimize the availability, manageability, performance, and value of your mission critical enterprise IT infrastructure environments.

 Unisys e-Services
  • To register for electronic services
  • To electronically place a support request (registration required)
  • To view and manage your support requests (registration required)
 Technical Support Information
  • To access the synmptom-and-solution knowledge base
  • To access downlaods and drivers
  • To access documentation
  • To access other self-help information
Education and Training
  • Access the Unisys Education and Training website
Phone Support Documentation Libraries
  • To access technical documentation for Unisys products

View the video, Technology Support Services, which provides an overview of the world-class product maintenance and premium proactive support services that Unisys offers our enterprise data center customers worldwide, and/or view the video,Unisys World-Class Proactive Product Support, a 90-second message from Greg Fuhrman, V.P. Technology Support Services.

For a client satisfaction testimonial video, please view Dataprev Relies on Unisys.

For instructions on how to register for entitlement and how to initiate a support request online, please refer to the FAQ document: eService Portal FAQs.​